What is Cystoscopy?

A Closer Look...

Cystoscopy is a procedure that lets your doctor look directly inside your urethra and bladder. Cystoscopy can be used to help diagnose a problem with your urethra, bladder, or kidneys. This procedure can be used to take a sample (biopsy) of bladder or urethral tissue. It can be used for treating certain problems (such as removing kidney stones). Cystoscopy can also help take special x-rays of the kidneys.

What is a Cystoscope?

Cystoscopy is done using a Cystoscope, a telescope-like instrument that contains special lenses. The cystoscope also contains fiberoptics, small glass wires that make a bright light. The cystoscope may be straight and rigid, or it may be flexible to bend around curves in the urethra.

What to Tell Your Doctor

Tell the doctor before the exam if you:

  • Take any medications, especially aspirin or blood thinners
  • Have allergies to any medications
  • Are pregnant

Learn more about the Cystocopy Procedure here.

Dr. Mary Mahern, MD
Dr. Clark Brittain, DO

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