Pelvic Floor Therapy Sessions

The First Pelvic Floor Therapy Session

In order to determine the strength of your pelvic floor muscles as well as whether you use accessory muscles, the first session includes a manometery reading. This is done by the nurse practitioner inserting a vaginal or rectal pressure sensor, which has a balloon that is then inflated. Three abdominal sensors are placed on your abdomen to measure the contractions of the abdominal muscles. Correct muscle contractions are performed internally. Then you will be asked to contract your pelvic floor muscles. This is like a Kegel exercise. The computer times the contractions. You contract the muscles for five seconds, and then you relax for ten seconds. The computer measures the pressure of your pelvic muscle contractions. This is not painful and usually lasts about five minutes.

After the pressure readings the pressure sensor is removed and replaced with the vaginal or anal sensor/stimulator. This sensor is one-patient-only-use and you will take your sensor home with you and return it at each visit. Again you will contract your pelvic floor muscles and the computer will measure the electrical activity of the muscles as well as the use of any accessory muscles. You contract for five seconds followed by a rest period of ten seconds. This takes about five minutes and is not painful.

Exercise and Stimulation Sessions

Each treatment session consists of exercise followed by electrical stimulation. At the first visit the exercise phase is shortened to five minutes. At follow up visits this portion lasts about ten minutes. At the first session after the measurements and exercise you will begin electrical stimulation. The same sensor is left in place but this time instead of measuring the electrical activity the sensor will produce a painless electrical stimulus to the pelvic floor muscles causing the muscles to contract. This is not painful but you can feel the contractions.

The intensity will be increased very slowly to ensure that you remain comfortable to the highest level that you feel comfortable with. This stimulation continues for fifteen minutes. After the session the sensor is removed, cleaned and returned for you to bring back at your next visit.

Dr. Mary Mahern, MD
Dr. Clark Brittain, DO

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