What is a Urodynamic Study?

A Urodynamic Study is a series of tests that gives your doctor a detailed look
at the function of your bladder and urethra. These tests can help the doctor evaluate any problems you may be having with storing urine or voiding (eliminating) urine from your body.

Why you need a Urodynamic Study

A urodynamic study may be recommended if you have problems with storing or voiding urine, and your doctor needs to evaluate these problems further. Possible problems that you may have include the following:

  • You may be incontinent (leak urine).
  • Your bladder may not empty completely
  • You may have symptoms, such as the frequent need
    to urinate or a constant, urgent need to urinate.
  • Your urine stream may be intermittent or weak.
  • You may have persistent urinary tract infections.

Learn more about having a Urodynamic Study here.

Dr. Mary Mahern, MD
Dr. Clark Brittain, DO

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