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Hormone Replacement


Are you struggling with menopause? Is andropause or low T causing you headaches? If you’re experiencing low energy levels, reduced libido, hot flashes, night sweats, difficulty exercising, or loss of muscle mass, you may want to consider hormone replacement therapy.

SotoPelle is hormone replacement therapy that is available for both women and men. This procedure involves the insertion of pellets beneath the skin to supply natural hormone flows to the body. The procedure is usually painless and provides more benefits than oral methods.

Benefits or hormone replacement therapy often include

  • Increased arousal and sexual drive
  • Mood consistency
  • Reduced or elimination of anxiety or depression
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Greater ability for physical toning and exercise tolerance
  • Increased energy levels

Dr. Brittain is the Medical Director for Sotto Pelle and believes subdermal hormone therapy offers benefits that don’t equal that of oral options. He evaluates each patient and develops an individual hormone replacement therapy plan to address the unique needs of each person.